In Search of a Doctorate – UPDATE

Looking over my site, I see I haven’t updated things for some time.  Working on a doctorate tends to consume all of my time.  Plus after writing paper after paper, typing up a blog post isn’t appealing.  Just this week, I needed to type up a 5-7 page paper, and a 7-10 slide presentation to go along with the paper.  I also had to review at least 3 academic articles for my doctoral study (about factors affecting database performance), and by next week, I’ll need to review at least 10 articles for a different paper over NoSQL databases.

In the end, I chose Walden University.  I  had applied to, but was not accepted to Dakota State University.  That was quite a blow to my ego, but I wanted to get started.  A doctorate from Walden will end up costing me about double what DSU would have, but still cheaper than Capella.  There is also the added cost of two residencies.  Since I teach college in the Midwest, I was fortunate enough to attend the residencies between Christmas and New Year’s in Tampa.  I highly recommend Tampa during this time of year.

By the end of 2017, I should be ABD (all but dissertation).  Hopefully, my doctoral study will be completed by 2018.  Walden does not offer a PhD in Information Technology, but a DIT, Doctorate of Information Technology.

In what little spare time I get, I’ve been working on a side project in Go and Neo4j, and I hope to update this blog again with some of the things I’ve figured out working with these two technologies.