Privacy-Security Presentation

  • Reply All Podcast
    • Snapchat Thief
    • Robocall: Bang Bang – How are robocalls able to figure out how to call you from the area code of your current location?
    • Long Distance – The team investigates a phone scammer who happens to call the studio. Alex goes to meet the scammer in India.

Privacy/security and ease of use are opposing forces.

Social Media and Bayesian Networks

Cambridge Analytic – very targeted advertising

Facebook’s Targeted Advertising – The trust engineers

Bayesian Network – using percentages to target users

How to protect yourself

  • Browsers: Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome & Chrome based browsers send metrics back to Google
    • Microsoft is planning on migrating to Chrome engine.
  • Search Engine – DuckDuckGo
    • Can use “bangs” to specialize searches
  • Use pop-up and cookie blockers
  • Password Manager
    • LastPass – family plan allows for sharing up to 5 people
      • online
      • browser plugins
      • web form auto-fill
    • KeePassXC – locally stored database
  • E-mail – Proton mail
    • Free version up to 500 MB
    • Up to 150 e-mails per day
  • Setting up 2-Factor Authentication
    • Google authentication
    • Authy
    • Can do text-but what if phone stolen
    • Some services don’t do 2FA
  • Use a VPN service
    • NordVPN – Servers globally – Browser plugins – Android/iPhone apps.
    • PIA – Private Internet Access

Going Deeper

  • 33 Mail – allows you to sign up for anonymous and disposable e-mail
    • Paying for Pro version allows setting up your own domain
    • Namecheap– runs sales on domains, low as $1/year
  • Proton Mail – $48/2-years pro version allows you to set up aliases
  • Yubi Key – Physical key for 2FA
  • IntelTechniques – Michael Bazzell from the podcast
  • Bazzell’s workbook for hiding from the internet.